A 21st-Century approach that educates

the whole child and creates global thinkers.


In a world where business, education, sports and the arts transcend borders, a child with global citizenship is better equipped to achieve success in every aspect of their life. At ABA, your child will enjoy unparalleled opportunities to grasp their dreams, whatever their nationality and wherever in the world they choose to live … or go on to further education

Here at ABA, we teach the skills of how to learn; how to think; how to take control of one’s life; how to care and understand about the social and emotional well-being of others; how to build a sustainable future and how to flourish in the 21st century.

ABA's mission is to provide an international education of the highest quality to enable students to be confident, responsible, caring, life-long learners.

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34% of our 2021 graduating class scored 40 or more points putting them in the top 9% of global IB Diploma graduates. We are a non-selective school that supportS each student to achieve success.

The Class of 2021 averaged 36.28 points which far exceeds the world average of 33.02 points. The maximum number of points in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is 45.

 two students achieved a perfect score of 45 points,  putting these students in the top 0.3% of IB DP graduates worldwide.

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