The ABA Aquatics programme aims to teach swim skills in a play orientated progressive manner beginning from toes in the water for the first time to staying involved as a sport.


Classes are formed according to the relative skill level of the learner. Swimmers are moved from group to group having completed each skill on their current level before being moved to the next. This is vital to ensure that skills taught later have the required preparatory skills taught in advance. 

ABA Aquatics Learn to Swim Schedule

The new term of ABA Aquatics will begin from the week commencing Sunday 5th February and runs until the end of the school year.

  • The pricing for Wednesday and Thursday has been adjusted to reflect the credit applied for classes not fulfilled during term 2. 
  • Please note the lessons above that will not run due to scheduled national holidays etc - the fees have been adjusted to take these into account. 
  • All make up lessons from term 2 must be completed by the end of Term 2.

Term 3 Fees

*All fees must be paid in full before commencing first class


  • Fees are non refundable.

  • Credit is available against the next term of classes in the event of verifiable injury or illness. Alternatively swimmers may make up classes on any available slot following absence. 

Level 1

Toes in and we begin! This stage is all about teaching water confidence - inspiring bravery in a new environment. Its a structured class setting and basic movement skills will be taught in a fun and play orientated manner.

Our instructors work in the water with this level to ensure that there is always that level of comfort, eye level communication and soft and encouraging tuition. 

Level 2

Learning to breathe is key in allowing the young learner to feel fully confident in the water…and its never too early to start! Here swimmers learn the basics, learn to integrate breath rhythm into their movements along with forming different shapes in the water.

Level 3

Floatation, Rotation and propulsion is the key message for this stage - We want our little learners to kick like they have engines for legs and learn how to do it with less effort! The shapes learned in Level 2 are refined to those which allow one to slip through the water.

Level 4

We don’t just want our swimmers to kick just one way, but every way!  We integrate this into undulation and rotation and build the position for fantastic swim strokes! We learn to catch and grab water, how to effectively move.

Level 5

We are starting to move to deeper. At this stage we know that we can be comfortable in any body of water. We perform drills and skills to be able to swim from deep to shallow and shallow to deep. Pre competitive swimming skills are taught. The strokes begin to form and show promise!

Level 6

At this point we can swim 25m - we aim to do it on all 4 strokes comfortably. After this stage we will be using swimming for exercise and your child will be ready to begin squad swimming!

We also want to be able to recognise when someone is in trouble - and how to help deal with it effectively. Perhaps at some point your child would like to train as a lifeguard - this level brings in elements to prepare for this programme.

For any queries or for more information please contact James Lawless (Head Swim Coach):