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Mother Language Programme

Mother language is a very important part of students’ cultural heritage, therefore ABA promotes  and facilitates Mother Language classes to ensure that the cultural identity of our students is preserved as well as their connection to their family and their home country.

Which languages are currently offered in ABA?

Arabic, French, Hindi, Spanish, Urdu, Russian, Persian, Urdu, Gujarati, Turkish, Korean, Italian, Afrikaans, German, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Malayalam and Portuguese

If your desired language is not mentioned above, you can 'request for a new language in the MLP'  and we will do our best to open a class for your Mother Language.

request for a New Language in the mother language programme 

I'm beyond happy that both my daughters are doing the mother language programme. They have both made great progress and they enjoy it and look forward to it. The programme is very well structured, organised and the teachers are beyond excellent.

-Alyaa Al Fahham

What is it?

A Mother Language refers to the first language(s) a child learns at home.The Mother Language Programme (MLP) at ABA encourages all students who have English as a second or additional language to maintain their mother/native/first language(s).
The student would need to already speak the language at home to be eligible to enroll in the programme.

Why is the Mother Language important?

Higher level thinking takes place in the dominant language, especially for very young children. The retention and development of Mother Language is therefore crucial for students learning in English. It will also benefit children should they return to their home country, as they will be competent in oral, written and grammar skills.

How is it done?

ABA supports a Mother Language Program that runs as a paid extracurricular activity for students from KinderGarten to Grade 12.

1-2  sessions per week, Sunday to Thursday.

The lessons focus on reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture as well as literature in the Mother Language. Learning is also done through songs, stories, games, drama and play.

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