Our New Al Irfan Campus

Under Construction

On February 10, 2021, our Board of Directors announced that our Elementary students, including Early Childhood, will be joining the Middle and High School students at our new Al Irfan campus.   Here is an excerpt from the communication sent out from the Board Chair, Lamya Al Kiyumi, to our Parent Community giving an update on our new campus.


Work on the Al Irfan Campus has been progressing steadily, and we are pleased to report that all of the structural remedial work in both the school building and the sports hall has been completed.  In addition to that, most of the work in the Sports Complex has been completed or is nearing completion.  You will have seen pictures on ABA’s social media of the swimming pool and sports fields. The landscaping around the campus is also progressing well. 

Finally, we take this opportunity to share something that the Board and Head of School have been working on for many months now. In a proposal brought forward by Mr.Williamson (before even starting his official tenure with ABA), we have looked at the possibility of moving away from the proposed two campus modality to one where we continue as one campus in Al Irfan. In collaboration with our dedicated project management team, the SLT, contractors, engineers and architects, we are happy to announce that this possibility is now a reality. Plans have been finalized, and work has commenced and is ongoing with the proposed changes to allow our younger elementary students to move to Al Irfan. We hope you are as excited as we are, and we look forward to beginning tours of the campus in the upcoming months so that you may see, first hand, the wonderful educational and extracurricular opportunities that await our ABA students. 

The Vision


Total  area development - 34,451 sq.m

Sports complex - 15,094 sq.m

Main school - 19,357 sq.m


A Pod is a collection of 5 classroom with all amenities: lockers, teachers room, meeting room, work island, toilets etc.

There is a separate pod with counselling rooms and classrooms similar to a study pod arrangement

Aquatics Centre

25 meter long mini Olympic pool with 8 lanes

Space for more than 100 spectators with an additional viewing gallery on the upper floor


2 soccer pitches

1 natural grass pitch - 100 x 55 metres

Astroturf pitch - 90 x 50 metres

Twin long jump pits

1 discus/shot put field


Indoor Auditorium seating 500 people approximately with back stage facilities & changing rooms

Blackbox theatre for seating  55 people

Music studios for both Choral & Band, as per Wenger standards

Recording studios for various capacities  (4 to 12 people)


Shaded outdoor amphitheatre

Accommodates up to 200 people

January 2021

ABA listened and adapted  to its community and made it possible for us to afford ABA.  Having the option to pay the enrolment fee in 4 annual instalments instead of all at once made a huge difference. Plus, with the uncertainty in Oman right now, if we have to leave before the four years is finished, we don't have to pay the remaining amount.  It's a very flexible solution for expat families.ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PARENT


June 2020

The Early Stages

ABA Oman International School

is the only INTERNATIONAL IB World Continuum School in Oman

ABA is the first and only international school in Muscat to offer three levels of the International Baccalaureate program - the IB Primary Years  (PYP), the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programmes (DP) - the gold standard in University preparation.