Preparing for Life Beyond High School

 ... it's about the finding the right fit for you.

The most important part of this process is finding the right fit which involves getting to know each student personally and goes through your final decision as a senior. We believe in nurturing the self-awareness necessary to choose not just the best school, but the best school for you.  

We understand that remaining competitive in a sea of applicants requires well-rounded individuals who demonstrate not only academic strength but also stellar interpersonal and leadership qualities, as well as a keen interest in the world beyond the classroom. 

By working closely with you and your family, we strive to provide attractive options and choices at the end of the process. Our University and College Counsellor is equipped to give you significant personal attention and flexibility in helping tailor certain aspects of the process to you as an individual (ie: athletic recruiting, art/music portfolios, and other special talents or circumstances).

Along the selection journey, students will have many different opportunities to be exposed to various colleges and universities including meetings on campus or webinars with college admissions representatives and guest speakers.

One to One Meetings

Advisory Meetings

Career Guidance

Careers Fairs / Expos

Work Experience

University Application Support 

Transition from High School to University

The counselling department will also provide advice and support for those students who do not wish to make a direct entry to university. Students are also encouraged to consider their wider options such as taking a Gap Year, exploring creative or vocational courses, or undertaking an apprenticeship in a chosen area of specialisation. 

The work of the University and College Counsellor at ABA is aligned with the school’s Mission, Vision and Values.


To provide students with quality information about tertiary study and career options so that they can make choices about exploring their passions whilst contributing meaningfully to society and achieving personal fulfilment. 



Students receive ongoing advice from Grade 9 to Grade 12 which allows them:

to have a better understanding of themselves as academic learners and as people who relate to others in the world;

to know under which circumstances and conditions they will flourish;

to understand the world-wide study options that are open to them;

to understand and be thoroughly prepared for the application process.


The counselling team values collaboration. While it is anticipated that students will ultimately make the choice and follow a pathway that is in line with both their various skills, talents and aptitude, the process for career and university planning should ideally involve families. Decisions about where and what students leave home to study need to be discussed together, and all Grade 11 students are encouraged to meet with the University and College Counsellor together with their parents/guardians. 

The University and College Counselling Programme at ABA

Focus by Grade Level

University and College Counsellor

Denise Barker

Denise Barker


ABA's IB Diploma opens doors

The Class of 2020! averaged a score of 35 points which is the equivalent at A-Level of A*A*A, and the ABA average far exceeds a world average of 29.7 points. The maximum number of points in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is 45.

Congratulations go to Fatma Hani al Bahrani (Omani) who achieved a perfect score on the IB Diploma Programme.  What’s also unique about Fatma and her Diploma is she received a Bilingual IB Diploma which required her to successfully study two Language and Literature A courses, one in English and the other in Arabic.  This fantastic result puts Fatma in the top 0.2% of IB DP graduates world-wide.  Fatma is off to the University College London, to study Information Management for Business.

Thomas Dupont (French) achieved a near-perfect score of 44 placing him in the top 0.83% of IB DP graduates. 

In addition to these individual successes, four students scored 43 points to place amongst the top 2% of IB DP graduates globally.

23% of our graduating class (15 students) scored 40 or more points putting them in the top 8% of global IB Diploma graduates. These students are off to top-tier universities around the world.

The breadth of opportunities at ABA combined with the school's reputation for all-round excellence distinguishes our grads internationally. With IB scores an average of four points above the world average, ABA grads are well-equipped to head on to top universities in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and around the world. Plus, not only do our grads gain admission to the schools of their choice – they thrive there.