The MS Virtual Visual Arts exhibition is just a small sample of student’s work during the first semester of this academic year.

Grade 6 students explored visual communication. Students created a Display Typeface of their own using a specific topic/theme for inspiration. Intended for headings, display typefaces function as text and images at the same time, making communication more effective. Students also practiced observation skills with grid copying techniques, learnt about logos and color theory and applied all their gained knowledge to a package design.

Grade 7 students focused on trying to figure out what kind of power art has to change the world.They studied the work of different artists and the difference they have made through their art. Students practiced color theory, use of patterns and positive and negative space and composition while learning about the specific style that the artists used for their own work.

Grade 8 students used art to learn about themselves. They looked at physical characteristics and practiced different portraiture techniques as well as other techniques that might have helped them make discoveries about themselves. Students were encouraged to engage in critical reflections about their work and the work of others.


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