Diploma Programme Art Exhibit 2021 - ABA Oman International School

MESAC Senior Fine Arts (SFA)

MESAC SFA is the non-competitive part of MESAC, where collaboration between schools is seen as paramount. SFA brings together the schools of MESAC in art, band, choir and drama to create an exhibition and concert throughout a long weekend.

2021 sees a slightly different emphasis as art, band, choir, and drama cannot work together across the schools. The festival was hosted by Dubai American Academy (DAA) and was held as a virtual summit. 

Students met in their various groups for choir and band. They broke away for pedagogical meetings to learn more about their voice/instrument through fascinating talks and interactive classes, all based on the MESAC theme of ‘Exploration’.

Art students, led by Ms Belston and Mrs Gayatri, were able to create from home, whilst drama students also worked from home under the guidance of Mr Gange to develop their collaborative ideas.

A new addition to the festival this year was that of Digital Music. Students responded very well, learning how to create their own sampled music using a variety of software. This was especially good for IB students and provided excellent professional development for the teachers concerned.

Watch the video below to see the students in action and browse through the final pieces of the Visual Arts Exhibit!



Artist Intention

My intention for this piece was to delve into a technique of art that I’m not entirely comfortable with and creating it out of my comfort zone, developing my skills for freehand drawing using Ian Murphy's work door handle as the inspiration.


Diploma Programme Music Concert

Watch our first performance in our theatre this year, and we are delighted to be using the building once again for public performances. Click on the title above.