Enrolment Fee 

A non-refundable fee charged for ALL Students entering Kindergarten 2 to Grade 12. This fee will be applied to students moving from ABA Kindergarten 1 to Kindergarten 2. For parents of new students, Kindergarten 2 through Grade 12, there are two options available for payment of the
Enrollment Fee.

Option 1

R.O.3,500 paid, either in full or in two equal semi-annual installments in the first year. For the second installment a post-dated cheque (PDC) will be collected.
If the child withdraws from the school, irrespective of the reason, the second installment will be collected by the school.
Included in this option:

a) Sibling Rebate on Enrollment Fee payments - 5% for second (2nd) sibling, 10% each from third (3rd) sibling onwards. This rebate will be credited to the student’s account and will be adjusted against any future billing.

b) For any students transferring from other International schools in Muscat into ABA, there will be a 10% discount for each student on showing proof of payment of a non-refundable enrolment fee, not less than RO 2,500, at the previous school. There will not be any additional sibling discount for such cases, even if more than one family member transfers into ABA. 

c) Former students returning to ABA will be required to pay the difference between the amount paid upon first registration and the amount of the Enrollment Fee contribution applicable at the time of re-registration.

d) The Enrollment Fee, either the full amount or the first installment, must be paid in full before the student’s first day of school along with the semester fees.

Option 2

R.O. 4,000 paid in four R.O.1,000 installments at the beginning of each academic year  for four years. If the child withdraws from the school within the four-year period, there will be no further collection of the Enrollment Fee. Applicable for self-paying parents only upon submission of required documents to ABA.

a) If the installment option is chosen, the enrollment fee for students enrolling in high school will be as follows:

Grade 9 or below = R.O. 1,000 per year
Grade 10 = R.O. 1,333 per year
Grade 11 = R.O. 2,000 per year
Grade 12 = R.O. 2,000 per year

*Enrollment Fee whether paid in full or in installments is non-refundable, even if the student withdraws from school after attending only one semester.