Annual fee in advance

2% discount applicable if the annual tuition fee is paid in full no later than August 14th, 2023. 

An annual fee invoice will be available on request to


Payment on Semester Basis

Parents opting for payment on a semester basis must pay the fee on or before the following due dates. First semester - August 14th, 2023  | Second semester - January 7th, 2024  

*Late fee charge of 5% will be levied from all payments after the above stated due dates.

Extended schedule for payment

Self-paying parents who find it difficult to make the payments on the above due dates will be allowed to pay on an extended schedule (with an administration fee), provided required documents are submitted to the Business office and after signing an undertaking in this respect.

For any queries regarding a customized payment plan, please get in touch with the Business Office through this form on or before August 1st, 2023.

*Failure to meet the terms of the undertaking will attract a 5% late fee on the amount outstanding.

The ABA Business Office Team