Message to Families on September 17, 2021

Mandatory Vaccinations for Students 12 years of age and older:

As previously communicated to parents of students who are in grades 6-12, the MoE, has instructed ABA that students who are 12+, are required to have received at least their first vaccine in order to be on campus from this Sunday, September 19th. These records are to be collected by the school.  We have been informed that this requirement must be implemented immediately and no optional grace period has been given.

Therefore, this Sunday, all students who are 12+ are required to bring a physical paper copy of their vaccination record to school and submit said record to their homeroom teacher / advisor / learning mentor.  Students who are 12+ should not arrive to school on Sunday without a copy of their vaccination record, as we will have no option but to communicate that the children will need to be returned home.  This will create an uncomfortable situation for everyone.

Students who have a medical exemption are allowed on campus, provided that they submit a physical copy of the exemption to the school.  ABA is required to send a copy of the medical exemption to the MoE.

In order to support ABA students/families, online options will be provided for students 12+ over the next two weeks, until October 1st, 2021.  

New Health and Safety Protocols:

On Thursday afternoon, ABA received from the MoE a 28 page document outlining the health and safety protocols for this school year. 

We are happy to report that every precaution listed, and much more, had already been implemented prior to the start of school this year.  Also, the new guidelines will result in the following changes:

  • Students in all grades will no longer be required to wear masks for all Physical Health & Education (PHE) lessons as of Sunday, September 19th.
  • Students in grades Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 5 will no longer be required to wear masks during outside break time activities
  • Recent afterschool activities, (ASA’s) and Athletics waivers will be replaced by internal health and safety risk assessments, participation expectations, and a simple electronic permission form where parents can acknowledge highlighted risks and our plans to mitigate them

Elementary School Family Commitments


Uniform Sales

With our upcoming uniform change, we are starting the school year with our existing, old-logo ABA shirts. We do have limited remaining stock of the old-logo uniform and you can email Admin what you are looking for and we will help you.  

If you have uniforms at home that are no longer in use but are still in good condition, please consider bringing them to our Security team and we will distribute to those who are still looking for particular sizes or colours.


Early Childhood Shirts (no collar) 1 OMR
House/PE Shirts (Elementary) 2 OMR
Polo Shirts Grades 1 to 12 2 OMR
PE Shorts 2 OMR
Zip-up Hoodie (Elementary) 5 OMR
Baseball Cap 2 OMR
Vipers Nike Dry Tracksuit 20 OMR




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