Students and teachers regularly use IT to record images to support everyday learning experiences. These images are shared within the school community on internal platforms. At times, pictures are selected for use on the ABA website and social media platforms. 

If you DO NOT wish for your child’s image to be used for this these purposes, please complete this form.



Please update us with any relevant information for your child regarding their health.  This includes recent immunizations, current or new medications, allergies and any recent illnesses.

For any queries about your child's health at school, please contact our Nurse.



Keeping us notified of any changes to your contact details is important, especially as we head towards on-campus learning. If any of your contact details have changed, please fill out this form and the Registrar will receive your update. 



MANDATORY TRAVEl/exposure Declaration form

All students, staff and faculty who plan to return to campus on the 1st November MUST complete and bring this form with them on the 1st November.  Without this form completed and handed in, you will not be allowed on campus.  This is a requirement of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.


What is Blended Learning?

The term “blended learning” is used to describe times when both in-person learning and distance learning are taking place. Blended or Hybrid learning defines a time when some students are learning from home (for health, safety, or scheduling reasons) and some students are attending school in person. During blended learning a reduced number of students are permitted on the campus at any one time.

When will blended learning start?

We are still planning to implement our Blended Learning plan on the 1st November, subject to Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health approvals.

To learn more about ABA's blended learning Plans, please read the 'reopening guidelines'.


First page of the PDF file: PrettyBlendedLearning12updated4




Mitigating the risk of the spread of the virus and maintaining a safe environment inside the school relies on all of us to do our part outside the school.  Our partnership with you has never been more critical as we navigate a global pandemic. We request that all families returning to campus commit to these responsibilities

Our Community Partnership

ABA is committed to Our Community Partnership.   ABA is voluntarily testing all faculty and staff members for COVID-19 prior to our return to campus on November 1st.  This is a precautionary measure to ensure that we are doing our bit to ensure the health of our community.  All faculty and staff will be taking their tests on the 30th and 31st October and we will have test results prior to being on campus.  





To create a common understanding , ABA has committed to the following processes and guidelines.  Please click on each to view.

1. Masks

2. Bathrooms/Restrooms

3. Temperature scanning points

4. Elementary School - sending students to isolation room

5. Middle and High Schools - sending students to isolation room


ABA has developed 5 scenarios where COVID-19 exposure may occur within our community. Please click on each to review the specific guideline an process ABA will follow in these situations.

1. Staff in close contact with confirmed case

2. Students in close contact with confirmed case

3. Students show symptoms at home

4. Individual student (suspected) on campus

5. Staff suspected or shows symptoms at home

Student-Parent Handbooks 2020-2021



November 15th to December 17th

SURVEY 3 will open on November 5th when you can confirm where your child will be learning from November 15th to December 17th, 2020.

Throughout this period of Blended Learning, we plan to offer both at-home Distance Learning and On-Campus Learning. During blended learning, due to physical distancing and other health and safety protocols, we have reduced student capacity to approximately 70%.  Please note that if demand is high for students to be in school then students will have a mixture between On-Campus and Distance Learning.

It is the family's choice whether or not the child(ren) chooses On-Campus learning or at-home Distance Learning. 

At any time, you can move your child from on-campus learning to at-home Distance Learning.  However, you have to wait until the next period to move your child to On-Campus Learning.

On submission of the survey, your decision is binding. No changes will be allowed after you've submitted the form.

If you do not complete the survey by 12 noon on Sunday, November 8th, ABA will automatically designate your child as an off-campus Distance Learner for this learning period.