Elementary School Co-curricular

Co-curricular activities fuel your learning by stimulating creative thought, improving your social and organisational skills, developing your interests and talents, and offering you the chance to switch off and do something you really enjoy. So, if we’ve captured your imagination, here are our co-curricular activities in elementary school.

After-school Activities

Elementary After School Activities

After School, Activities run from 2.15-3.00pm on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, for children in Grades 1 to 5. There are four sign-up sessions. Please note that activities for Grade 1 students begin in the second semester. ;The programme includes a broad range of ASAs run by staff members. The activities fall into the following categories: Arts and Crafts; Performing Arts; Recreation and Sports; Technology; and Supporting the Classroom.

Younger children being read to in the school library.

Mother LANGUAGE Programme

The Mother Language at ABA encourages all students who have English as a second or additional language to maintain their mother/native/first language and not to replace it with English. The school promotes internationalism and by facilitating mother language classes, the cultural identity of the students is preserved, the connection to the family and the home country is strengthened. Mother language is part of a students’ cultural heritage. As such, ABA supports a parent run tutored mother language program that runs as an extracurricular activity for students K2 to Grade 10.


The club members are elected by their classmates, and the representatives change 2-3 times during the year to allow for more students to participate.

Eco Rangers

The Eco Rangers promote environmental awareness through their bulletin board displays, at assemblies and through class representatives facilitating conversations and activities with their classmates. The Eco Rangers also participate in the Eco Schools Muscat Eco Summit each year.


The Elementary Tech-Team meets once a week to discuss, explore and use different types of technology available at school, including computer programming, electronic circuits, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality and more. They also plan and run tech-related events including  Digital Citizenship week, Hour of Code week, and Maker Day. 

student council

An elected group of students who liaise to improve the quality of student life in the elementary school. Students meet weekly to address issues, raise awareness and plan activities such as spirit days and fundraisers. Representatives further enable communication between students and administration.


Muscat Primary Sports League (MPSL)

The Muscat Primary Sports League (MPSL) provides member schools in Muscat the opportunity to conduct inter-school athletic activities. MPSL strives to;

  • Promote and encourage fair play
  • Provide a quality sports programme for all participating students
  • Encourage students to perform to the best of their ability

There are two divisions in the MPSL, U9 for the Grade 2-3 students and U11 for the Grade 4-5 students. Throughout the year, our students have the opportunity to participate in tournaments and clinics in a variety of sports.


We are the competitive swimming team and swimming school based at ABA Oman International School. Our swimmers learn to swim, then move to compete in local, regional and international events.