Mother Language Programme

The Mother Language Programme at ABA encourages all students who have English as a second or additional language to maintain their mother/native/first language and not to replace it with English. The school promotes internationalism and by facilitating mother language classes, the cultural identity of the students is preserved, the connection to the family and the home country is strengthened. Mother language is part of a students’ cultural heritage. As such, ABA supports a parent run tutored Mother Language Program that runs as an extracurricular activity for students K2 to Grade 10.

This program came together under the initiative of ABA parents and is run by them on a voluntary basis. All parent-coordinators are volunteers chosen and elected by the parents. ABA relies on this parent initiative and support each year to continue running a successful program for our students. 

On this page you will find the information you need to know to determine whether or not your child can be enrolled in the program, the steps to follow for enrollment and the policies we have once your child is enrolled in our program.


The mother tongue program at ABA is a fantastic way for children to remain in touch with their own culture while embracing a new one. A fun way to interact with other kids not just from their own grades. 


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