We are the competitive swimming team and swimming school based at ABA Oman International School. Our swimmers learn to swim, then move to compete in local, regional and international events.

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To provide an atmosphere that inspires swimmers to achieve their maximum potential through a strong work ethic, discipline, self-motivation and self-esteem; To develop team unity where everyone encourages and takes pride in each other at all levels of competition.

We do that by providing a supported environment where athletes are encouraged to take on any task put before them and do it to the best of their ability in a youth-centred, coach lead and parent supported program. 



Inspire the next generation of aquatics athletes using our core themes of work ethic, self-motivation and positive self-esteem.

Educate and develop the skills, tactics and management of themselves.

Develop the whole person – ready to take on challenges and equipped for excellence.

To build mutual respect for the athlete's process and individual journey.

We are a TEAM before all else.


Create - a beginning to end approach to our aquatic offering, fully integrative of abilities, age and developmental levels.

Fundamentals - skills are at the heart of everything we do.

Learn -  new skills, new practices consistently.

Share - what we learn as a group both to our students and the greater ABA staff community – Together, we all grow.

The ABA Swim Team is awesome!

My daughter loved the Summer Swim Team experience in Texas, USA and when she started at ABA she wanted to join the Swim Team. We must admit that it isn't for the fainthearted as training sessions are intense, especially in the beginning of the year when they prepare for MESAC, but hanging in there has proven to be one of the best things!

Swimming at ABA is year round and this really helped to establish great friendships (also for parents). The only thing we wish for is more Middle and High School GIRLS! So come on - don't be shy - give it a try!

And even with the pandemic and school closures the V1 team is still going strong! When online school was in session they had daily work-outs on Zoom with coach James and coach Nadia. Even during the summer at home work-outs (3 times a week) continued.  This is amazing and something the swimmers (and parents) have been really appreciating. 

Thank you Coaches!

MIDDLE School parent


The main aim is to improve athlete trainability through a better understanding of and engagement in the process.


The main goal is to standardize the skillset for kids arriving onto the programme.

Learning to Train – Development A and Development B Squad

The main goal is to develop the skillset across the four strokes while encouraging athletes to build confidence in ability, responsibility to practice efficiently and fun!

FUNdamentals – Junior A and Junior B Squad

The main aim is to increase the athlete skill level at sub maximal effort while developing and maintaining basic controls.


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Our events schedule will be released when we are able to offer an in-person swimming program.

How to Join

ABA Vipers Swim Team allows new swimmers to join twice a year – September and December. 

Prospective swimmers should be aged between 7 and 10 and should be able to swim 3 x 25m in 3 different strokes.  

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