Our Community

At the heart of all of the work we do is people, students, parents, and faculty have been the defining element of ABA since a group of parents founded the school in 1987.   Our warm, dynamic, and welcoming campus is the result of the diverse and inclusive people who are on campus each day. We enjoy a rich history of volunteerism and that desire to serve continues to influence the strength and continued growth of our tight knit community.

ABA is proud to announce the 2020-2021 Bursary

As an International school that is committed to its students, working with the new Head of School (HoS), the Board of Directors (Board) is introducing a one-year, needs-based, Community Bursary for the 2020-2021 school year. This one-year initiative is to support ABA families who, due to the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, are unable to pay the School Year 2020-2021 fees due to job loss, extreme reduction in salary, etc. ABA is extending this opportunity to ensure students experience continuity in learning and support, and to ensure our community is supported in difficult times.