ABA Around the World

ABA is a melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities, uniting individuals all over the globe.  We are an international community representing over 60 student and staff nationalities. Students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni - no matter where you are in the world, you carry ABA's name with pride and collectively we make ABA the truly international experience that it is.

We encourage you to upload a picture marking on the map below where you are. Let's connect to our global ABA community!

Join our Summer Photo Contest and show us where you're exploring this vacation season! Over the next two months, you have the opportunity to share your favorite snapshots.

Here's how to participate:

- Capture a photo of yourself or your family at your holiday destination.
- In the caption, share what you love about the place or highlight its famous features.
- Upload your photo and caption to the padlet below.
- Share a screenshot of your post on Instagram and Facebook, and make sure to tag @ABA.
- There's no limit to the number of entries you can submit. Feel free to share as many photos as you like!
- Exciting prizes await the winners!

Please take note of the following terms and conditions:

- Include your FULL NAME in the TITLE when submitting your entry.
- This contest is exclusively open to the ABA community, including students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni.
- Only original photos taken by you will be considered. Please avoid using others' photos without proper credit.
- You are welcome to submit multiple entries.
- For any questions, feel free to contact us at communications@abaoman.org.

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