ABA Alumni

Dear ABA Alumni,
Over the course of three decades, our school has undergone tremendous transformation and you have been a significant part of our growth story. Every student who has walked through the gates of ABA is a brand ambassador exemplifying our ethos. You carry our name with pride wherever you go, and we are immensely happy that the world is meeting ABA through you.
Through sharing your inspiring stories, to mentoring fellow alum and helping future graduates with their career paths, or helping the community with your skills and expertise, we hope this platform will provide opportunities for alumni to collaborate, network and exchange stories about their journeys since graduating from ABA.


Alumni Visits 

It is always incredible to see our Alumni come back and catch up with our faculty and staff, share stories as well as revive their memories of their time spent at ABA!

Our alumni carry the ABA name with pride wherever you go, and it’s incredible that the world gets to know ABA through you. 

To schedule a visit register to our alumni association and email: communications@abaoman.org

We look forward to hearing from you!

Alumni Transition Talks 

Our seniors this year had the incredible opportunity to connect with our past ABA students to learn helpful tips and tricks while preparing for their final exams.The adventures that await ABA students after High School and how to make that transition from High School to University as smooth as possible was also a topic of conversion.

A huge thank you to our alumni for sharing their experiences and willing to give back to ABA!

Transcripts & Records

Need help with your transcripts and records? Get in touch with our registrar, Ann Smith at registrar@abaoman.org. For any alumni inquiries please email us at marketing@abaoman.org.

Share your experiences with us

We would love to hear all about your adventures after your time at ABA. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime at marketing@abaoman.org.

Once a Viper... Always a Viper

ABA Alumni Voices  


One of the key things about ABA is the tight-knit community and I think that moving into the new campus we are going to be able to amplify that. We are growing as a school and thats really exciting but that tight-knit community feeling will never go away. 

Namitha Chad - class of 1999

Oman is a such a beautiful place!... I have not been in touch with ABA for a long time but I am so thrilled it has grown so much!


I started here nineteen years ago and it has not changed that much since I left!


SANTRUPTH VEDANTHI - CLASS OF 2019No matter what we do or where in the world we go, a significant part of who we are, our common identity, has been shaped by the cumulative experiences at our alma mater - ABA!

deniz Kasdel - CLASS OF 2017

I think that ABA's diversity is what really makes it what it is today! 


Nikhil Narayanan - CLASS OF 2013

What does ABA mean to me? Right now it represents where I work, I'm a faculty member here. It also represents my childhood and growing up in Oman.