ABA is proud to announce the 2020-2021 Bursary


As an International school that is committed to its students, working with the new Head of School (HoS), the Board of Directors (Board) is introducing a one-year, needs-based, Community Bursary for the 2020-2021 school year. This one-year initiative is to support ABA families who, due to the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, are unable to pay the School Year 2020-2021 fees due to job loss, extreme reduction in salary, etc. ABA is extending this opportunity to ensure students experience continuity in learning and support, and to ensure our community is supported in difficult times.


Bursary levels will be awarded by the HoS and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) based on a family’s financial circumstances. A needs assessment, which includes a review of official income, employment status, financial obligations, and resources, will be conducted for each application. This is ​not a merit-based program where academic, athletic, etc., achievements are primary considerations.

The purpose of this program is to support ABA families to the level possible to attend school, nothing further, and ​will not cover the entire tuition amount​. All applications will be kept private and confidential between the HoS and CFO. Although the Board will ensure a fair process is followed for awarding funds, names of applicants and/or individual information will not be shared with any member of the Board at any time.

Currently, bursaries will be awarded for the duration of the 2020-2021 school year only and are maintained as long as the student and family demonstrate good effort, intent, contribute positively to the school community and adhere to ABA’s Mission, Vision, and Values. The HoS and CFO have the right to discontinue any awarded bursary at any time for any reason.

Please Note: Although established, the total monetary value of this community-focused initiative will remain undisclosed, as will the total number of recipients.

Who can Apply?

The Bursary is open to new, returning and existing ABA families with children in any grade level. Families can apply for multiple children.

How to Apply

Families are to complete the Bursary Application Form which is available here. Supporting documents must be uploaded ​in 1-file that is no larger than 10 MB​.

The application, and supporting documentation, must be submitted via the form no later than the ​end of day October 22nd, 2020. All documentation must be submitted on the same date, at the same time. Submitting part of the application materials does not allow for latter submissions.

All documents ​must be submitted in colour​. Black and white copies/scans will not be accepted.

Extensions of time for submission may be granted by the HoS and CFO. Applications will be submitted via the application form linked above.

Families may only apply o​nce ​for the School Year 2020-2021needs-based assistance.


  1. Awarding and Acceptance of Bursary

    Parents/Guardians of the students who successfully submit the necessary documents on time, meet the fund criteria and who are awarded aid for the 2020-2012 school year, will be notified as soon as possible after October 22nd, 2020

    Successful applicants will have 5 business days to accept the Bursary in writing.

    If families do accept the Bursary, they must have any outstanding fees from the previous year paid before the Bursary being implemented.

    If the Bursary is not accepted within 5 business days, after written notification has been sent, the Bursary will then be reallocated to other applicants.

Family Criteria / Information required for Evaluation

  1. Name and grade of students

  2. Details of employment/ business in Oman of both parents (job title, length of service)

  3. Details (name and address) of sponsor in Oman

  4. Proof of salary letter/certificate showing benefits, if employed, ​before February 28, 2020​, and another letter/certificate showing current salary and benefits ​within one month​ of the application being submitted.

    a. If no current salary exists, a letter from a former employer explaining the reasons why can be submitted in its place.
  5. Proof of audited balance sheet if self-employed

  6. Length of time at ABA, where applicable

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