Health & Wellbeing

At ABA, the health and wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff, and parent community are of paramount importance. Strong safety measures and protocols have been implemented at our campus to ensure the welfare of all children in our care.

Health Services

The school employs a trained nurse whose primary role is to support student learning by ensuring the health and safety of our students. The Health Clinic is located in the Learning Centre - Ground Floor (G10). Nurses are available from 7:15am to 5:15pm on school days, depending on ASAs. The school nurses’ responsibilities include:
● Providing acute, chronic and emergency care as per parents or doctors advice
● Assessing student health status; health appraisals
● Activities and education to promote health and safety
● Identifying problems and making referrals
● Medication administration
● School/community/health care provider liaison

Immunizations: All parents of students enrolling in ABA are required to complete the Student Health Record and provide documented proof of immunizations.

School Health Policies

A. Homely remedies policy: At ABA school clinic, we keep a stock of over the counter (OTC) medications (homely remedies) for administration to students/pupils when required.

Any student who requires regular medication from the list of homely remedies will be reviewed by the School Nurse and have the medication provided for the student’s sole use. Please find the policy here.

B. Sick child policy: Good health is necessary for academic success and positive school experiences. Parents must make sure that their children bring healthy snacks to school and that they have plenty of liquids, especially during the hotter months. Please find the policy attached here.

C. Hot weather policy: ABA aims to provide a safe environment and to ensure health and safety for all students and staff during hot weather, especially between April to June and August to September (the time period is subject to changes based on the weather of Oman).

The policy sets out the framework to ensure the safety of all students and staff during hot weather in order to prevent dehydration, fatigue, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke with reference to the Director General of Meteorology Oman Hot Weather Guidelines and the US national weather services (National oceanic and atmospheric administration). Please find the policy attached here.