Health & Wellbeing

At ABA, the health and wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff, and parent community are of paramount importance. Strong safety measures and protocols have been implemented at our campus to ensure the welfare of all children in our care.


All parents of students enrolling in ABA are required to complete the Student Health Record and provide documented proof of immunizations.

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Health Services

The school employs a trained nurse whose primary role is to support student learning by ensuring the health and safety of our students. The Health Clinic is located in the Learning Centre - Ground Floor (G10).  Nurses are available from 7:15am to 5:15pm on school days, depending on ASAs.

The school nurses’ responsibilities include:

  • Providing acute, chronic and emergency care as per parents or doctors advice

  • Assessing student health status; health appraisals

  • Activities and education to promote health and safety

  • Identifying problems and making referrals

  • Medication administration

  • School/community/health care provider liaison

The signature of parents/legal guardians is required to provide consent for the school to seek medical assistance in the case of an emergency. It is our school policy to call a parent immediately if a child requires urgent medical assistance. 

In cases when direct contact with a parent is not possible, ABA will transport the student to one of the following hospitals - Khoula, Muscat Private and/or Royal Hospital. The cost of any medical consultation or treatment is the responsibility of the parents, although any medication or treatment given by the school nurse is free of charge.

The peak of the cold and flu season is here, and we must all be vigilant! Click the button below for information on: 
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Influenza Virus Guide

Dengue information:

Dengue (break-bone fever) is a viral infection (dengue viruses) that is transmitted by certain Aedes mosquitoes to people. It is more common in tropical and subtropical climates.