A New Look for ABA

Over the next couple of weeks, you will see some major changes in the way ABA presents itself.

Last Fall 2019, the Board initiated a revision of the school's Brand and as part of that, we have been working on refreshing our school name, our brand and how we communicate with our community.

Why are we making changes?

The IB organization has updated the naming conventions for all IB schools. Therefore, we have to change our current logo. For those schools that offer three or more IB programs, they are now considered to be an IB World Continuum School. This added distinction is an opportunity for ABA as we are the only school in Muscat that offers three or more of the IB programs. Secondly, the IB no longer allows schools use the tag line 'IB World School' directly in association with their logo.

Why now?

The school needs to ensure it is adhering to the new IB brand guidelines and as we prepare to add a new campus, we are working behind the scenes developing materials for it. This requires us to know our name and identity of the future. The upcoming school year will be a year of flux and both new and old identities will exist in tandem.

What did we consider?

As well as reviewing the IB guidelines, we took the opportunity to survey stakeholders for feedback. Three points were consistently mentioned -

  • Our current name does not situate the school in place, - where is the school located in the world? It is in Oman.
  • Our current name does not say we are a school - what is ABA? It is an international school. 
  • The name should maintain the use of the shortened version of 'ABAB' as this our key identifier.

Today, we are introducing you to our new school logo and marketing name - ABA Oman International School.

image of the new ABA Logo



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