Online Learning Survey Results

picture of students and a teacher engaged in online learning in a zoom call

We greatly appreciate your participation in the ISM Distance Learning Satisfaction Survey. Sixty-one per cent of the ABA families participated in the survey. Through this survey, ABA was able to tell three things quite clearly:

  • Parents’ perception of how ABA has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The effectiveness of our online learning strategies segregated specifically by Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Middle School and High School.
  • Whether families have changed their enrollment intentions with our school

The survey has helped the leadership at the school understand what we have done well during the online teaching and learning and where we must improve. We know how critical it is for us to receive insights to maintain value propositions and keep our families engaged. We believe this survey has helped the school leadership enrich the student experience going forward.

The letter scores and percentages that are in this report reflect the percentage of answers which answered as satisfied (letter B) or very satisfied (letter A).

images of several students in a zoom call

At the Early Childhood level, internationally we recognize that this is the most difficult time for children to participate in online learning. The communication from the ECE teachers was very satisfying to the parents at an 86% rate and online learning was rated as an A or B by just over 72% of the parents. This was a real unexpected high rating. The highest rating by the parents was both on the “optional” work based on interest or availability of resources (A/B 88%) and the work that was expected to be turned in (A/B 88%). The area that received the lowest grade was access to opportunities to stay connected to classmates and is clearly an area where improvements can be made. Access to emotional support/counselling was evaluated as an asset even in the online platform (A/B 74%) Parents said the work has been interesting (81%), appropriately challenging (78%) and meaningful and not just busywork (80%). 2% disagreed with the statements consistently.

image of several students and their teacher in a zoom call

In Elementary School, the overall letter grade for communication with the teachers is a very positive A/B 85% satisfaction rating. The online learning rate is 70% A/B satisfaction rate. Most parents comment the Assignments from the “specials” or electives courses (art, music, P.E., etc.) as well done at the 85% rate and particularly felt the “optional” work that was based on interest and availability of resources was good at 86%.

picture of a student on a laptop

The elementary counsellors were accessible to the parents for emotional support and counselling 85% and thee was good direction from teachers 78%. Again, we need to figure out how to have more opportunities to stay connected to classmates.

image of a student using a laptop to learn

The parents found the work interesting (84%), appropriately challenging (73%) and meaningful and not just busywork (79%) with resources that they had at home (72%).

The Middle School has a 77% A/B satisfaction rating regarding communication and a 71% A/B online learning experience rating. The highest ratings in the Middle School are the 88% A/B rating for access to emotional support and counselling which speaks to the strong values of the middle school and the advisory structure and the academic scores.

An 82% rate of access to learning support and extra help merged as a new positive from the earlier grades. Work that was expected to be turned in got an A/B rating of 88% so very strong also. We see a mixture of academics and social/emotional help in the Middle School ratings. Live, online classes now are high ratings as are opportunities to stay connected to classmates. Assignments from Arts and Physical and Health Education come in at 87%.

Overall Middle School online learning engagements have strong ratings for being interesting and meaningful. In the Middle School, the survey began showing the greatest discrepancy in the amount of time devoted to various components of the daily schedule.

The High School communication during the pandemic is rated at the A/B satisfaction level at 86%. The online learning experience is rated at 81% A/B satisfaction level. As surprising as it was for the ECE to have a high rating, as we expected the very young children to have low ratings, we normally predict that the high school students fall off in communication with their parents more than anything else. In this case, there was very good interaction with parents and our data are excellent from the parents. Thank you!

The High School rated very high with access to learning support/counselling (89%), links to resources (87%), opportunities to stay connected to classmates (85%), direction and guidance from teachers (84%), work that was expected to be turned in (77%). The parents found the work to be appropriately challenging (82%) and meaningful (85%).

The technology applications and platforms selected to support the High School’s online learning plans were supportive of learning (83%) and easy to use (86%).

We thank you for the valuable information in the survey and those who said they are promoters of ABA. We intend to carefully examine the positive and negative feedback to improve the overall value of the education your child(ren) is (are) currently receiving at ABA and will receive next year.

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