Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at ABA is a parent run organization that includes all parents and teachers at ABA.

Our purpose is to support the aspirations of ABA by organizing and running events that provide community building opportunities and raise funds that will go towards equipment and services that add value and enhance ABA and our children’s education.

The PTA is run by the PTA Executive Committee, a group of annually elected members with two volunteer teacher members that represent the teacher community at ABA. We depend on all members of the community to make our events successful and with so many community building events there is always a chance to take an active role in making ABA the amazing school that it is. We hope you join us at our monthly meetings and use this portion of the ABA website to get updates on all the events, volunteering opportunities and news from your PTA.


Each TTT is organized to ensure a learning experience or discovery you will surely enjoy,  Sign up for them as soon as they are announced as spaces are sometimes limited and they fill up fast.  Priority sign up is given to those who attend PTA Community Meetings. 

At present, there are no TTT planned.

ABA Volunteers are the Best!

Want to get involved in school but not ready for a huge time commitment?  Ready to take on an entire event or maybe just the slushy stand? We’d love to hear from you!  Please contact one of our PTA parent representatives or express your interested by completing this form: 

Be a Volunteer


Interested in becoming a Homeroom Parent or looking for information on how to contact one?

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Our Community Events


One of the most popular events with the kids and adults alike, Spooktacular transforms the school into a mysterious, fun-filled, “not so” spooky place! It is a fun filled evening usually on the last Thursday of October.

Santa’s Workshop

An in-school event, kids from grades 1 onwards are invited to an independent shopping experience. The shop is stocked by discerning PTA members with meaningful gifts to choose from.


Celebrating the seasonal winter spirit, this event provides an entertaining family evening with music, food, games and so much more.

Parent Art Exhibition

The event provides a window to the amazing works of ABA parents and teachers. It commemorates the ABA community artists.

International Cultural Festival

Undoubtedly the most popular and anticipated event of ABA, the event fondly known as ICF; brings together the varied cultures of ABA into one venue. It’s an evening that promises culinary delights, colourful performances and music from around the globe. 

Eid Market

An in-school event, children from grade 1 onwards are invited to experience an independent shopping event. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to buy gifts for their family and friends.

Ramadan Food Drive

Ramadan is the month of fasting for the Muslim community. During this month, charity, patience and reflection are the focus and the Ramadan Food Drive gives our ABA community an opportunity to share in that spirit.

Staff/Teacher Appreciation

Teachers and staff at ABA are truly unique and we appreciate everything they do. Every year the PTA decorate the staff room and  parents bring in an amazing array of dishes- savory and sweet- we are able to say “thank you” in a truly ABA community way. This day of Appreciation is our way of thanking you for inspiring and teaching our children to be lifelong learners no matter what the circumstance.

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