2021-22 PTA Executive Committee Nominations

It's that time of the year!

We are looking for interested parents to participate in the PTA Executive Committee for the upcoming 2021-22 school year.  All positions are open for nominations.  The roles and responsibilities are outlined below.

This year, we are taking self-nominations only and you can submit using the:

self nomination form

This form will be open until 5pm APRIL 29, 2021. 
voting will commence after all nominations are confirmed.

THE ANNUAL General Meeting will be held on Monday, May 31st at 3pm.  Links to join will follow closer to the date.


In addition to these specific responsibilities, the PTA Executive are required to:

Help organize the PTA fundraising events 

Attend all PTA Executive (once a month) and Community meetings (once a month)

Keep their PTA email accounts up to date and check them daily

Should any of the people that come forward and are chosen for these positions have to resign during the 2020/2021 school year, their work would be spread over the other members of the PTA Executive.

Members of the PTA Executive have the right to choose from members of the community if an Executive Committee position becomes available.


Liaise with SLT and Booster Club

Work with PTA Communications Liaison & ABA Marketing department for all communications, advertisements, website, etc

Update HRP Guidelines & organize orientation in conjunction with Head of School and Principals

Monthly PTA executive meetings- prep and run

Monthly PTA Community meetings - prep with Comm and Secretary and run 

Monthly & Weekly follow up meetings with Head of School (when necessary)

Liaise with Vasu on event requirements

Work with Treasurer, Finance, Vice on maintaining PTA finances

Manage the timed system for the Teacher’s Fund request

Attend ABA Board meetings when necessary


Support the PTA Chair will all Chair responsibilities as needed

Act as Chair when necessary


Maintain the established finance process that can be tracked by Finance and the PTA

Update monthly finance report

Work on setting budgets for PTA events to increase income and decrease unnecessary spending

Follow up on incoming profits and fund request spending

Worked on creating maximum profit techniques for all events

Ensure purchases have the necessary quotations if needed


Prepare all PTA Executive and all PTA Community Meeting minutes 

Prepare the presentations and agendas for Community Meetings

Book all meeting locations and updated PTA calendar online

Maintain PTA room bookings


ABA newsletter & PTA communications along with PTA chair on weekly basis.

Work with ABA marketing on all artworks related to PTA events.

Create printer friendly versions of all tickets and marketing material.

Liaise with ABA Marketing department and update newsletters, the website and PTA yearbook pages.


Maintain an inventory record of the PTA storage cupboard 

Keep track of all items borrowed and and ensure they are returned

Follow up and get quotations for items that need replacing

Keep the storage room neat



Organize coffee morning for new parents

Check with Registrar on a monthly basis for New Parents

Connect with the parents

Introduce them to school, events, PTA resources, guide them through their first year at ABA



Identify, set up HRP network and orientation

Update HRP Guidelines with PTA chair

Facilitate and help Homeroom Teachers 

Ensure dissemination of important information

Manage HRP funds to cover all Specialist teacher gifts


HRP contact for all MS HRP’s

Ensure continuous communication of all PTA information to Middle School

Help find and secure HRP’s for each class in Middle School (e.g 6.1, 6.2,...7.1 etc)


HRP contact for all HS HRP’s (Home Room Parents)

Ensure continuous communication of all PTA information to High School

Must help fill all 4 HRP positions (one per grade in high school)