Become a Homeroom Parent (HRP)

What does a HRP do?

This is very much a grassroots position and without the HRPs', the school would not be the amazing experience it is for our whole community. As a homeroom parent you really make a difference! Your are the glue that holds us together. How?


  • By assisting and supporting the teacher
  • Communicating news and information to parents
  • Organizing class events and educational opportunities for the children
  • Helping the PTA build the community

Your efforts will be very much appreciated by parents, students and by the administration and teaching staff of ABA. Your active involvement helps us to create the caring, open-minded and multicultural school community we aspire to be part of. It is through your contribution that our children learn the value and power of community service. In addition, you will find that your children love to have you around in their classrooms and at school.

We need one HRP per class in Elementary and Middle School and only one per grade in High School.  

If interested, please contact your PTA parent representatives. 

Elementary School Representative

Sriparna Ghosh

Middle School Representative

Manuela Emmer

High School Representative

Li Hong He