Dear ABA Community,

The new 2020/21 PTA Executive Committee is ready to serve our community!

Following the 2020-21 PTA nomination process, we received 7 nominations and that is just above the minimum number of members required by the PTA Articles of Association to run a PTA. We ask the community to accept this letter as confirmation of their position. We are so grateful that these ladies have come forward to take on this responsibility while they wade through online learning, attend to their day jobs and support their families. 

Help us in welcoming them:

Chair & Vice Chair: Nandita Shukla & Paula Colaco 

Secretary: all members will collate notes for minutes

Treasurer: Maryam Andres                                       

ECE/Elementary Representative: Sriparna Ghosh                    

Middle School Representative: Manuela Emmer                                        

High School Representative: Li Hong He                                                 

New Parent Representative: Mehreen Bano Elahi                      

The remarkable situation of this school year will present its challenges and although this PTA will function in a limited capacity, I am certain they will find creative ways to bring our community together while focusing on community building, charity and goodwill.

Your support is crucial and will help the new team take on this challenging time successfully. I look forward to hearing from them and discovering what they have in store for us.

The PTA team of 2019/20 wishes you all the best.

Lama Samman

ABA PTA Chair  2018-2020

"Building our community together!"