Money on My Mind Podcast

Money on My Mind Podcast


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I’m a Grade 12 Diploma Programme student at ABA Oman International School, and I am passionate about Finance, Investment Banking and Economics. So on October 1st 2020, I started the Money on My Mind Podcast to learn about the world of economics and finance from experienced professionals. I wanted to make a ‘guest based podcast’, meaning every week, I interview a new guest on a money related topic. So whether it’s a business owner, an accountant or an investment banker, I wanted to interview them. 

Initially, it was challenging to get guests; I tried searching Linkedin and personally messaging anybody to have them on the show. But after two weeks of constant rejections, I found a few platforms that specifically deal with podcast guests. So I signed up and found my first guest (Brenden Kumarasamy), and I interviewed him at 11 pm on a Sunday (a school night) because I wanted to get this podcast going. 

However, even after securing my first guest, guests were still hard to come by. So I had to grow this podcast organically by publishing more episodes, getting more listeners and putting more effort into each podcast. Even with pressure from the intense IB curriculum, I never failed to upload an episode weekly. 

I named my podcast the “Money on My Mind Podcast” but soon realised that it’s not just the most successful people who have money on their minds. For example, I interviewed Brian Bogert, a former business owner, who has an 8-figure revenue every year but resigned from both jobs to pursue ‘career-coaching- helping other people become successful. Almost all of my guests have dedicated their time to helping others and helping them become ‘financially free,’ and now, that is my aim for this podcast. Helping others (as well as myself) with the knowledge of my guests. That is the Money on My Mind Podcast. 

Since October 1st,  The Money on My Mind Podcast has grown to 400 listeners per month, 3000+ total downloads, 32 episodes (with countless business owners, career coaches, and real estate agents), and the number 10 podcast in Oman. 

As an IB student at ABA Oman International School, managing and maintaining a podcast took a lot of time management, creativity and hard work. I had to record several episodes just so I was free for the intense weeks of work of the IB Program at ABA. On average, a podcast episode takes me 3 hours (recording, editing, promoting, publishing). Being able to spend time on this project and exceed in school took much perseverance. However, this journey so far has taught me so many beautiful life lessons. 

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